Wangfujing’s Lively Street Life

The shopping, commercial and night market district of Beijing, Wangfujing is so lively and vibrant especially at night. You can stroll down the malls left and right for branded goods and clothes or dine with various restaurants along the commercial street-side. If that is not your preference, you can stroll down the secret alleys for souvenir bargains and when you’re hungry already you can try eating in their roasting stalls from seafood to scorpions! From high-end world-class shopping to exotic street foods, Wangfujing never runs out of choices to stroll by nighttime. It is one of Beijing’s best places to appreciate by night.

But I bet Wangfujing is not quite of activity during daytime. During daytime, you can still shop around the corners and affordable bargains. You may opt to stroll around or you may go sightseeing but when night comes don’t forget to see Donghuamen Night Market. It is the most famous snack street in Beijing for me and very popular to both locals and tourists as …

Now Boarding

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Destination: Philippines

Philippines...  The "Pearl of the Orient" is an archipelago of 7, 100 plus islands located in South East Asia. It is composed of 81 provinces in which I plan to visit at least half of it - 41 to meet the middle. I'm currently on 38/81 of the Philippines!

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Beijing Accommodation: Tiangui Hotel

Tiangui Hotel is one of the recommended hotel to stay in Beijing according to Pinoyexchange forums on Beijing trips. It is a complete package hotel especially for those who are on tight-budget trip to Beijing. Find out why Tiangui Hotel is “complete package” on my pick list of hotels when visiting Beijing.

I’ve learned about Tiangui Hotel during my research on DIY trip to Beijing, China while reading on itineraries and travel stories at Pinoyexchange Forum website. I research about it over Google and Google maps in which I found out that was ideally located within the city center of Beijing.  Tiangui Hotel is in Doncheng District which is near Wangfujing – one of the hottest tourist spot in Beijing.

Before I arrived in Beijing, I know that language barrier will be the main problem in checking to the hotel, so I already printed a Chinese version address of the hotel in which I presented to the taxi driver upon our arrival at the airport. The good driver politely drove us to Tiangui Ho…

Guimaras Accomodation: Raymen Beach Resort

Raymen Beach Resort is located at the heart of tourism center of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras in Sitio Alubihod where the white sand Alubihod Beach is located. Alubihod, Nueva Valencia is 1 hour away from Jordan Port of the island. Traveler can reach the resort via a private hired tricycle or public jeepney from the port. Along the one hour travel to Nueva Valencia, you will pass thru the center town and capital of the province, Jordan and the endless mango plantations of Sibunag municipality. 
As you go nearer the resort, thick vegetation of low lying shrubs and endless coconut trees will greet your way. But do not be afraid, the scenery around Nueva Valencia is just like the other provincial scenes in the rest of the country. We arrived at 7 in the evening in the resort, so imagine the trees along the shadows of the dark road leading to Alubihod. As I’ve said do not fear, as nearer the resort there are lights already from the resorts and nearby small sari-sari stores (a sign of civiliz…

Peking Duck: An Authentic Chinese Cuisine

One of the most exciting parts of traveling around Beijing is tasting local food. But I’m not willing to go as far as tasting exotic local food of fried seashores, scorpions, starfishes and snakes in Wangfujing district. If you are adventurous enough to try and eat everything, then go ahead. But I think, it’s a must-try when a first-timer Beijing is trying eating the traditional Chinese cuisine of roasted Peking Duck.
Roasted Peking Duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing. Its origin and preparation dates back to the imperial era of China which by the way it started as a cuisine available only at the imperial kitchen for the imperial family only. What is unique about this roast duck cuisine is its preparation. Air is pumped under the skin of the meat to separate fat from skin. The duck is glazed by maltose syrup outside and left for a day to have a flavor. It is traditionally roasted in either closed over or hung oven which invented at imperial kitchens. After roasting, it is traditi…

Beijing's Architectural Wonders

The city of Beijing is not just all about the historical sights to wander but also about modern and spectacular architectural wonders that has been part of its modernity as a city. The Egg, Water Cube and the famed Bird’s Nest became the popular names of these city's structures because of its spectacular architecture where it is likened. Visiting and getting a close encounter of these structures made me truly marvel to these works of architecture in Beijing.
The Egg The building is National Center for Performing Arts that takes a very familiar form - an egg. The building is half oval in shape that seems its half is submerge in water since it is surrounded by an artificial lake. It is also important to inform or shall I shall an innovative way to know that the entrance to the building is through the underground artificial lake! From afar the building also looks like an alien spaceship that crash landed from a Hollywood movie scene because of its sharp contrast of its surroun…

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